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What exactly is custom research?
The most simple way to describe custom research is this: You give us instructions and we follow them. In other words, you tell us exactly what you want us to write about, how many pages you want us to write, how many sources you want us to use (even what specific sources you want us to use), and that's what we do! We create a unique document from scratch based on the criteria you set.

How do I reach you?
Unlike most companies, we offer many options for contacting us. You may call us toll-free from the U.S. and Canada, or long distance from other countries. Just dial 1-800-501-6465 or 310-313-2563 and ask for the custom_research dept. You can also contact us via e-mail. Just click the Contact Us link. Once you have placed an order you will be able to communicate directly with the writer of your project.

Can you write on any subject and at any level?
Yes! With very few exceptions we can handle any project you need. We have been in business for over 30 years and we have a very large and diverse writing staff. As such, we have the experience to handle almost any order.   However, if for any reason we are unable to do the work for you, we will let you know right away.  On rare occasions, an unforeseen circumstance (such as unavailable sources) may cause us to turn down an order so you have the opportunity to explore other options.  We refuse to take your money if we cannot meet your needs.  Whether you are working on a 3-page analysis of "Othello" or a 300-page dissertation on "The Ethnic Conflict in Cypress," we have the qualified writer you need to meet your deadline.

What Qualifies Your Writers to do my Project?
Our writers have a wide range of backgrounds and training.  This diversity enables us to handle virtually any project.  Many companies will tell you that all of their writers have a PhD., but that is simply not true.  Some of our writers do, in fact, have Ph.D. degrees, but many of them have undergraduate degrees.  All of our writers, however, have one thing in common: years of academic writing experience.  Many of our writers have been with us for over ten years —- this is what they do for a living, and we wouldn't keep using them if they were not good at their job.

Can you write in any format or style?
We can use any format you desire.  Typically, we use MLA or APA, but our staff is also familiar with Turabian, Chicago, Harvard, Legal, and many other citation styles.

I do not live in the United States.  Can I still order from you?
Yes.  You won't be able to pay by electronic check if you are an international customer, but everything else regarding your order will be the same.

Will you do the necessary reading as part of my Custom Research order?
Yes.  For popular literary works that are readily available, the writer will read (or will already have read) the appropriate literature.  For uncommon or obscure literary works, you may mail, email, or fax to us the required reading material.

Will you include a works cited or bibliography page for FREE?
Yes, of course.  Whether we use 1 source or 30 sources, all references will be properly cited and listed.  There is NO CHARGE for the works cited and/or bibliography pages.

Can you use specific sources?
Certainly.  You may send to us any sources that you want us to reference in the paper.  If a specific book or article is required, and is widely available, you may not need to email or fax it to us, as the writer may be able to independently obtain the source.
Can you provide photocopies of the sources?
Yes, but you must request photocopies of the sources when you place your order.   Writers must return resource materials after completing a project.   If you ask in advance for copies of sources, there will be no problem getting them to you.

Is your service legal?
Absolutely.  Performing research and writing is a completely legitimate activity.   You may not turn in our work directly as your own.   If we have reason to believe that you will use our material in such a way, we will not be able to work with you.  It is not legal for us to sell research to anyone who indicates that he or she will submit our work for academic credit.


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