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Problem of the penal system. High number of African American males falsely imprisoned. Issues of mistaken identity, prosecutorial misconduct, suppression of evidence. Advocacy groups that provide assistance to people wrongfully imprisoned. Use of DNA evidence. Cites cases of men convicted and imprisoned for crimes they did not commit.
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False Imprisonment, Black Males, and New York
False imprisonment is defined as “the unlawful restraint or detention of one person by another” or “any use or threat of force that makes someone stay where he does not want to stay or go where he does not want to go" (Poor, 1977, p. 782). False imprisonment may occur in many situations, but the term is generally used to refer to the incarceration of an individual in a local, state, or federal penal institution following conviction for a crime (Scheck, Neufeld, & Dwyer, 2000).
The problem of false imprisonment is not new. According to Barry Scheck, Peter Neufeld, and Jim Dwyer (2000), a substantial number of inmates serving or having served time in American prisons have been falsely incarcerated. Some inmates have been executed and

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