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Darwin's theory as a framework of Victorian society. Scientific Darwinism and Social Darwinism. Ways in which Darwinism challenged Victorian beliefs. Belief that individual morality should shape social relations to improve lives of the poor. English writers such as Tennyson, Carlyle and Browning who were influenced by Darwin's thought.
Darwinism and Victorian Beliefs
Darwinism is, generally, defined by Carl Degler (pp. 10-11) as a framework through which Victorian society and... more
5 pages | 5 sources | 22 citations | MLA citation style

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Discusses three stages of cellular evolution. First Common Ancestor (Universal Ancestor). Last Common Ancestor. Two basic forms of life: prokaryotes (single-celled); eukarotes (monocellular organisms) which have given rise to three kingdoms of multicellular organisms that exist. New types of cell divisions. DNA molecules.
There are basically two forms of life on earth: prokaryotes, which are cells without a nucleus, and eukarotes, which are cells which contain a nucleus... more
3 pages | 3 sources | 5 citations | APA citation style

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Importance in the human evolution process. Controversy concerning Homo erectus and scientific points of view. Discusses theory that human beings evolved from primates or ape-like ancestors. Anthropoligists' s view of role of Homo erectus in evolution. Link between Homo sapiens and Homo habilis. The multiregional/continuity hypothesis.
Homo erectus: Importance, Evolution and Controversies
Homo erectus is believed to have emerged about 1.8 million years ago... more
8 pages | 5 sources | 24 citations | MLA citation style

Price: $48.00

Discusses natural theology arguments re: divine creation & Darwin's theories of speciation & natural selection.
The influences of nature and nurture have been at the heart of much controversy for many years. In recent years, it has focused on examining the... more
12 pages | 4 sources | 20 citations | APA citation style

Price: $48.00

Discusses Darwin's theory of cause & change & religious view of doctrine of creation. Finds Darwin's theory more plausible.
When Darwin published his book, Origin of Species, he sparked off a huge debate between the authority of science and that of religion. The debate... more
12 pages | 4 sources | 16 citations | APA citation style

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Examines mixed reaction in U.S. over Darwin's theories of evolution & natural selection. Religious controversies; Scopes trial. Teaching Social Darwinisn in schools. Current historiography.
This research paper discusses the reception, dissemination and teaching of the views of Charles Darwin (1809-1882) in the... more
22 pages | 9 sources | 82 citations | MLA citation style

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Causes & effects of evolutionary abundance in certain geographical areas in certain eras. Specialization, adaptation, variations, theories.
Evolution is a process of change and development as organisms adapt to their environment and to changing circumstance through time. A variety of... more
7 pages | 7 sources | 11 citations | APA citation style

Price: $44.00

Activities, goals, biases, techniques of Christian institute opposing evolution, focusing on ICR's involvement in court cases & legislative efforts.
Activities and Goals of the Institute for Creation Research

One of the leading creationist organizations is the... more
11 pages | 16 sources | 30 citations | APA citation style

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Examines conflicting beliefs & theories & debate over proper role of each in educational system.
School systems are struggling with the dilemma of whether or not to teach creationism as an alternative view to evolution theory. If, as many... more
6 pages | 4 sources | 12 citations | MLA citation style

Price: $36.00

Competing theories on evolution, meaning of anthropological discoveries, regional origins, cognitive aspects.
The purpose of this research is to examine human origins. The plan of the research will be to set forth the context in which the development of the... more
9 pages | 27 sources | 36 citations | APA citation style

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