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Discusses outstanding films of Germany, France and Italy. German Expressionism and cinematic images that evoke psychological states of being. French avant-garde of the late 1920s and "absurd realism" cinematic art form. French films of the 1930s. Italian neorealist cinema of the post World War II period. "Metropolis," "Grand Illusion," Bicycle Thief" and other masterpieces.
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While Americans were laughing at Chaplin and Keaton and the Keystone Kops, and being awed by the spectacles of Griffith, and DeMille, European cinema was much more stark and dark and realistic. From the post-World War I productions, through the realistic Italian movies of the post-World War II period, there is a distinct difference between various European countries’ films and those of the U.S. We need to take a look at Germany, France, and Italy during these periods and examine some of their outstanding masterpieces that reached the human condition often far more accurately and with greater meaning (if a darker meaning) than American movies of the same time period.
I. Germany’s Expressionism
For Germany, deep in a depression and unemployment, they seemed to thrive on “d

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