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On individual-society relationship. Sociologist's concepts of autonomy, dependency, solidarity, morality, religion.
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  • Anomic Suicide.
    An examination of Durkheim’s theories on anomic suicide. The analysis also presents statistics on increased suicide rates in Russian society and how Durkheim’s theory applies to this phenomenon. A conclusion sums up how Durkheim might feel about his theory in relation to contemporary society.
  • Homicide Rate
    An account of the decline in the homicide rate in the United States, and implications for policy planning. Summarizes arguments that support the decline, and theoretical explanations.
    Compares views on evolution of division of labor, economic purpose, related to production, class, social progress, specialization.
  • Marx, Durkheim and Weber.
    Discusses how Marx, Durkheim and Weber each address the problem of social inequality in different ways. Their different prescriptions for dealing with its effects. Contends that whether revolutionary or reformist, these thinkers have left an indelible mark on our understanding of human society, human nature, and economics.
  • Social Structure Theory of Crime
    This paper discusses how social structures cause criminal behavior because of unequal opportunities for all Americans. Durkheim’s theory of anomie is offered to demonstrate why crime occurs in light of social structure theory. A conclusion offers a method for reducing crime in American society.
  • Skinhead Culture
    This paper discusses the rise of the skinhead subculture and deviance by them in Russian society. The paper explores this subculture, explaining its emergence according to the theories on social deviance posited by Emile Durkheim.
  • Seven sociological perspectives
    This paper looks at seven different perspectives on social problems: social pathology, social disorganization, value conflict, deviant behavior, labeling, critical perspective and social constructionism. It explains the theories, where and when they originated, and their main concepts, strengths and weaknesses.
    Critical review of work on Guatemalan peasant woman who became underground resistance leader.
  • Durkheim's Anomie
    A discussion of the French Sociologist Emile Durkheim’s theory of anomie -- the conditions under which it exists, the consequences of it, and the potential solutions in Durkheim’s writings to the problem of anomie.
    Examines relationship between Emile Durkheim's social theory & the homeless problem & its causes & solutions.

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