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Causes & global effects on oceans & land of turbulent climatic phenomenon. Definition, history, examples, phases.
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The El Nio Southern Oscillation phenomenon affects the global climate; it is important that scientists, economists and medical personnel understand El Nio implications on the climate. The El Nio phenomenon is part of the larger climatic phenomenon known as the Southern Oscillation. The joint actions of these two weather phenomenon are known as ENSO (El Nio-Southern Oscillation) events. The extreme weather patterns which can be produced by an ENSO event can cause devastation around the world. El Nio is associated with ecological, economic, and medical disasters that coincide with torrential floods in the eastern Pacific, devastating droughts over the western tropical Pacific, and unusual weather throughout the rest of the world (6, 4). Teleconnection to most of the world's climate mean that changes in the El Nio-Southern Oscillation are felt globally.

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