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Development of Internet in South Korea. Revenue from e-commerce; compared with United States & Japan. Consumer profile. Role of government. International partners. Future growth. Possible negative factors. 1 Chart.
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E-commerce has received much publicity as growth of businesstoconsumer and businesstobusiness companies has resulted in impressive stock gains. The nature of the Internet has meant that these gains have not been limited to a single country, but have instead been seen throughout the world, although with varying degrees of success. This research examines the South Korean market and the state of e-commerce in Korea.
E-Commerce in Korea
In 1998, revenue from e-commerce in Korea was estimated at $49.7 million supporting approximately 400 shopping mall sites. This is far fewer Internet mall sites than in Japan (7,000 in 1998) or the United States (450,000 in 1998), but more than 1500 mall sites were expected to be on-line in Korea by the end of 1999. Analysts expect tha

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