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Cuba & Castro

Reviews the history of Cuba since the Castro-led revolution. Examines the goals & achievements of Castro's government, as well as the failures. Analyzes Cuba's prospects for the post-Castro future.
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Despite the original promise of the Revolution, the failure of Cuba's leadership to respond effectively to a poor economy, failing social programs and the collapse and repudiation of communism in other parts of the world makes future success unlikely. A terrible economic crisis, the constant reminders of Fidel Castro's age and mortality, serious indications that many of the revolution's goals are as far away from being accomplished as they were in 1958, and the rising disillusionment and cynicism of the Cuban people all indicate that the country's socialist revolution--the most thorough and radical in twentieth-century Latin America--is failing.
The political and economic life of early twentieth-century Cuba was dependent on a powerful planter class and on foreign support, thus creating a lopsided society of privileges. For almost 25 years, a shrewd army sergeant, Fulgencio Batista y Zaldi

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