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Discusses role of print media and government secret activities. Misleading stories presented to the public. Questions whether government has an obligation to tell the American public the truth. Political agenda of media. Bay of Pigs fiasco. Installation of Soviet missiles in Cuba. Secret negotiations. The Kennedy government's Cold War policies.
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There are some basic facts to lay out: First, our government is elected by the people, and therefore owes them the facts, unless there is some compelling reason to maintain secrecy, in which case nothing should be said, leaked, or published. Second, there is a wide gulf between the facts in which our governmental leaders are involved and what the public is permitted to know through newspaper or other media stories.
The major question to be looked at in this essay about the Cuban Missile Crisis is whether the government engaged in secret discussions and activities (including, of course, the Bay of Pigs fiasco) and whether it provided misleading stories for the media to publicize. The New York TIMES, often heralding its slogan: “All the news that’s fit to print” may well have been a JFK accomplic

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