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police training
the evolution of police training and the importance of leadership and evaluation
Police training academies have recently been beset by a host ofproblems that have undermined the effectiveness of their training regimens Many... more
15 pages | 13 sources | 20 citations | APA citation style

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Criminal Theory: A critique of two different perspectives
Discusses Merton's theory of anomie and its relationship to criminal practice.
Criminology Theory Anomie and Strain Theory The purpose of this report is to offer a critique of a criminologytheory specifically anomie and strain... more
8 pages | 3 sources | 16 citations | APA citation style

Price: $20.00

The Criminal Mind
A discussion of the difference between the mental disorder of pyromania and the criminal behavior known as arson that focuses on the mindset of the juvenile arsonist.
The Criminal Mind Introduction There is a difference between the criminal mindset or behavior knownas arson and the impulse control disorder known as... more
5 pages | 7 sources | 10 citations | MLA citation style

Price: $28.00

Women In Prison
A discussion of female inmates, including a history, rising numbers of incarcerated females, and the special challenges female inmates pose to the penal system now and in future.
Women In Prison Introduction There are many similarities between male and female inmates Ofthese the most common similarities are the risk of rape... more
7 pages | 6 sources | 18 citations | MLA citation style

Price: $40.00

Youth Offenders,
Provides an evaluation of alternative treatments for youth offenders. Presents detailed discussion of traditional jail and correction centers, specialized Youth centers and counseling alternatives.
An Evaluation of Alternative Treatment for Juvenile Offenders Introduction As Smith Usinger-Lesquereux and Evans have commented research studies... more
10 pages | 14 sources | 26 citations | APA citation style

Price: $28.00

civil rico
civil rico actions have gone beyond reasonable bounds and constitute an unreasonable burdern on the american civil justice system
CIVIL RICO This research paper discusses the state of the law concerning civilcauses of actions brought under the Racketeer Influenced and... more
7 pages | 18 sources | 22 citations | APA citation style

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Delinquency theories
This paper looks at some theories of delinquency, including social and developmental theories. It includes social learning, social control, strain, and life-course, latent traits and integrated developmental theories. Key social agents.
Social learning is based on the presumption that people learn how tobehave from the groups they grow up with Social Learning Therefore achild or youth... more
4 pages | 4 sources | 7 citations | APA citation style

Price: $16.00

Racial Profiling
Examines the pros and cons of racial profiling and how it differs from profiling.
Profiling and Racial Profiling In recent years public debate over the question of whether or notlaw enforcement officials at all levels in the United... more
4 pages | 4 sources | 9 citations | APA citation style

Price: $16.00

Occupational Hazards of Being a Paralegal
A paper describing the occupational hazards of being a paralegal, which include back pain, headaches, and disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Defines occupational hazards of computer dependent careers.
Occupational Hazards of Being a Paralegal The definition of occupational hazard which is a term typicallyused in determining insurance premiums is any... more
4 pages | 5 sources | 15 citations | MLA citation style



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