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Negative and Positive Risks for PMBOK Project Risk Management
This paper discusses PMBOK six processes and the strategies for handling positive and negative risk.
Negative and Positive Risks for PMBOK Project Risk Management PMBOK recommends that positive project risk be handled throughstrategies in which the... more
1 pages | APA citation style

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Gregory Clark Article
This paper discusses Gregory Clark's article Ethics in Technical Communication:
A Rhetorical Perspective.
Gregory Clark Article I agree with Clark's stance to a certain extent although I believethat the categories he defines are somewhat arbitrary and... more
1 pages | APA citation style

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Breville Juicer
This is a white paper on the advantages of the Breville juicer over low-end brands.
Breville JuicerExecutive Summary This white paper will compare the Breville juicer to low-end juicersin terms of how well it addresses the problems... more
5 pages | APA citation style

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Project Management Discussion Questions
This paper answers three questions on project management: 1. You have recently been promoted to the position of project manager. Your team consists of senior members of the technical staff, and it is time to establish the team operating rules. You expect some resistance because the team is experienced and you are a project manager who they see as still wet behind the ears. How would you go about doing this?

2. Your past projects gave the client wide berth when it came to suggesting changes at any time they saw fit. Often they expressed an unbridled enthusiasm in making frequent changes, many of which were not well thought out. Times have changed, and you need to implement effective management control. Describe your plan to implement good scope change control practices.

3. A number of your clients seem to be abusing the change request process. You have seen an increase in the number of frivolous requests. These, of course, must be researched and resolved, and that takes away from the time that your team members have to do actual project work. From a process point of view, what might you do? Be specific.
Project Manager Discussion Questions I would research the way the team traditionally operates and the rulesthey follow informally and would... more
1 pages | Other citation style

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White Paper Analysis
This paper answers two discussion questions on a white paper about cloud technology.
White Paper Analysis In the white paper Cloud Key to Supply Chain the target audience isthe heads of companies and IT departments This is clear from... more
1 pages | 1 sources | Other citation style

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Technical Communication Project Status Report
This paper is a project status report for a project to redesign an order entry system.
Technical Communication Project Status ReportIntroduction The major project will be the redevelopment of an order processingsystem from a... more
2 pages | APA citation style

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Why should the business analysis function not be outsourced?
This paper explains why, according to the Hugos article, business analysis should not be outsourced.
Why should the business analysis function not be outsourced The business analysis function should not be outsourced becausesuccessful business... more
1 pages | 1 sources | 2 citations | APA citation style

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Current Status Assessment and Mission
This paper explains why understanding the primary function/mission of the organization is important to the Current Status Assessment.
Current Status Assessment and Primary Function Understanding the primary function or mission of the organization isimportant to the Current Status... more
1 pages | 1 sources | 1 citations | APA citation style

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Scheibe and Richert on IT Fault Tolerance
This paper discusses Scheibe and Richert's article "Reliability Improves as Technology Advances" and identifies lessons learned from it.
Scheibe and Richert on IT Fault Tolerance Based on the Scheibe and Richert article Reliability Improvesas Technology Advances there are several... more
1 pages | 1 sources | 7 citations | APA citation style

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Scope Triangle
This paper answers three questions on project management concerning the scope triangle, cost savings, and scope creep.
Scope Triangle If the scope triangle were modified as indicated it would move out ofbalance when a specific resource on the project is concurrently... more
1 pages | APA citation style

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