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Political, social, economic. Studies previous 100 years.
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    Life & career of Indian religious & political leader.
  • WHEN AND WHERE I ENTER. (Paula Giddings).
    Describes the 1984 book on the influence of the black woman on race, sex and the woman's movement in the U.S. Discusses various black women of influence, and their activities against discrimination and lynchings. Relates narratives of female slaves and forced sex of black women. Development of black organization. Goal of social equality.
  • World War II
    A variety of issues pertaining to the major powers involved in WWII are addressed, including: political, economic and social causes of involvement, military strategy and weaponry, and others.
  • The End of Britain’s Trade Empire
    During and after WWI inflation and decentralization of production permanently decreased the demand for British goods and led to the fall of its economic empire.
    Examines 20th Cent. Dutch & Amer. graphic designers' lives & careers, styles, philosophies, materials.
  • The Decline of the British Cotton Industry: Trick of History or Historical Invevitability
    Discusses two views of the fall of the British cotton industry, the Fatalist school which viewed it as the result of poor responses to random acts, & the Casualist school, which finds it the inevitable result of cause & effect.
  • The Progressive Era in the United States
    An examination of the Progressive Era and its legacy. Progressivism fundamentally changed the way Americans perceived the role of government. The aftermath of WWI would soften--but not derail--the sense of moral purpose and optimism that characterized the Progressive Movement.
  • Hostility Toward Illegal Immigrants
    This paper makes an argument that illegal immigrants are often subjected to hostility and anger from Americans because of a number of negative myths about their impact on society. The paper discusses how illegal immigrants impact American labor, historical push-pull factors for Mexican immigrants, and a number of other topics.
  • Film Critiques.
    A response critique of Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator” and Steven Spielberg’s “Schindler’s List.” The critique includes a summary of the film’s, characterization, audience reaction, and critical reaction. Also included is how the films relate to the Nazi regime and the Holocaust.
  • Women's Rights Movement
    Discusses the women's rights movement in the United States prior to 1870 and how Caucasian and African-American women contributed to this movement. The laws of domestic relations making women second class citizens.

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