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Philosophical discussion of the death-penalty. History of state-sanctioned death penalty for certain crimes. Ethical, religious and philosophical thought regarding capital punishment. Views for and against. Civil and moral legislation. State theory of various Western philosophers. Controversy surrounding the death penalty in the U.S. Racism. Whether capital punishment acts as a deterrent against crime.
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This research examines the subject of capital punishment from a philosophical perspective. The research will set forth the historical context in which death-penalty philosophy emerged as a significant issue of social and civic discourse and then discuss prevailing philosophical and religious views of capital punishment, both for and against, with particular emphasis on philosophical views. Whether capital punishment acts a deterrent for the commission of crimes in general will also be discussed.
The practice of capital punishment, or a state-sanctioned death penalty for certain crimes, appears to be as ancient as history. The Code of Hammurabi, discovered only in AD 1902 but estimated to have been promulgated between 2100 and 1700 BC, was the first systematic attempt to foster disinterested, impartial state

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