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Discusses 2 different reasons for growth of Imperialism. 1) need to protect British trade routes & 2) relationship between negative balance of payments based on Britain's diminishing exports.
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How “Illiberal” Was British Imperialism from 1815 to 1914?
A host of revisionist historians and scholars are having a field day repositioning Britain and the British Empire during its period of rampant expansionism. Much of this current discussion has been prompted by the recent publication of Dumett’s (1999) major compilation of debate concerning the real goals and effects of British Imperialism. Entitled Gentlemanly Capitalism and British Imperialism. The New Debate on Empire, the opus is, in many ways, a response to the 1993 publication of Cain and Hopkins work on British Imperialism that argued that the rampant imperialism was due to the intricate relationship between a negative balance of payments based on Britain’s diminishing exports, and the money generated by

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