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Three periods of Greek art. The Geometric period, the Early Classical period, the Hellenistic period. Art based on the idea of changeless absolutes and ideals. The Geometric Krater as an example of the style of the Geometric period. The severe style of the Classical period. "The Lacoon Group" sculpture of the Hellenistic period; its influence on Renaissance artists.
The artworks of a given era reflect the formalist, social, and economic realities of the period, exemplifying the prevailing artistic styles and the... more
6 pages | 5 sources | 11 citations | MLA citation style

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Compares two views of the way public art functions. Relationship of public art to a society. Why public art often generates controversy. Issues of cultural authority, public opinion, art communication to the public, aesthetics. The agenda of public art. Problem of public art as an aesthetic success, but social failure.
In their essays on public art, Heather Wainwright and Ruth Slavin offer differing critiques of the ways public art functions in relationship to a... more
5 pages | 2 sources | 8 citations | MLA citation style

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The work of Josef Muller-Brockman. His contribution to the Swiss design movement of the mid-20th Century. His style and design philosophy. The visual language and typographic style of his use of grid systems in graphic design. The universality of his style. The visual power and impact of his work. His artistic concepts and career.
Graphic design began with written language and over the centuries evolved into a significant element of communication. Using words and pictures to... more
3 pages | 4 sources | 5 citations | MLA citation style

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Discusses how art is used to assist integration of presonality. Variety of practices with different aims. Use of art therapy with physically disabled persons, the mentally ill, temporary injured persons, anorexic patients, cancer patients. Qualifications of art therapists; their techniques. Creative art and working out of conflicts. Artistic expression and self esteem.
Even though art therapy has been used in some fashion since at least the first half of the twentieth century its range of helpful effects is still... more
5 pages | 4 sources | 16 citations | APA citation style

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Analysis of the Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres oil painting. Discusses the title and content of the 1859 painting, and its revision in 1863. Representation of women. Frankness of the artist's expression; sexual fantasy. Implied message of painting regarding French colonialism. Art historian Walter Friendlaender's account of the painting. John Berger's "Way of Seeing."
John Berger's Ways of Seeing makes many suggestions about how to look at works from the great period of Western oil painting (1500-1900). He argues... more
6 pages | 4 sources | 7 citations | MLA citation style

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Discusses images of women in Paleolithic society. How depictions of women in prehistoric art can determine the traditions and lifestyles of their society. Features of the images found in caves and grottoes and figurines. Women as symbols of fertility, as matriarchs who ruled over their domestic environment. Specific examples.
I. Introduction
Since the early discoveries of prehistoric art in the mid-19th century, scholars and archaeologists have sought to determine the... more
20 pages | 20 sources | 52 citations | MLA citation style

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Discusses the artwork and its impact. The historical and cultural context of the time it was exhibited. How it was received by critics and the public. How the piece affected and transformed art. The aesthetic significance of the sculpture. Aesthetic example of modern art. Overview of Duchamp's life and avant-garde art.
This research examines Marcel Duchamp's artwork Fountain. The research will set forth the historical and cultural context in which the work first... more
11 pages | 10 sources | 28 citations | MLA citation style

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Works of art of the Egyptians and Greeks in the Hellenic era. Shared characteristics of the two ancient societies. Describes Egyptian statue of "Ranofer," a limestone sculpture of a standing male. Compares it to the Greek "Kouros," a life-sized marble figure of a male youth. Human orientation of Greek art.
Comparison of Two Sculptures
The ancient Egyptians and the Greeks of the Hellenic era shared several important characteristics. Among them were... more
6 pages | 4 sources | 15 citations | APA citation style

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Analysis of the Greek pottery work. Attribution of the 515 B.C. pot to the painter Euphronius. Value of the Sarpedon Boy as an example of a subject matched to the pottery vessel's shape. Description of the piece as an example of red-figured painting as a complex set of images.
The Sarpedon Boy Krater of the Euphronius Painter

The Ancient Greeks were masters of sculpture and architecture, but they also excelled at... more
6 pages | 5 sources | 17 citations | APA citation style

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Discusses the controversy surrounding Marcel DuChamp's 1912 painting. Reaction to the artistically provocative painting and title at New York's 1913 Armory Show. Origins of DuChamp's painting. His ideas and experiments with abstraction and time-lapse photography. Rejection of "Nude" by the Cubists. His impact on American artists, critics and the public.
Marcel Duchamp's Nude Descending a Staircase (1912) became one of the best known painted images of the twentieth century when it developed into a... more
8 pages | 6 sources | 25 citations | MLA citation style

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