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International Monetary Fund and its program to help Argentina's financial crises. First economic crisis of the 1990s, and second economic crisis of 2001. Criticizes the first IMF program and the Argentinean government's reforms. Brief overview of Argentina's history and root causes of economic problems. IMF's traditional neoliberal austerity response.
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The Case of Argentina and the IMF
Statement of Purpose
For many years, Argentina served as the “poster child” for
obedience to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and its austerity program, a program designed by the IMF to assist heavily indebted and economically troubled nations regain their economic footing and achieve stability (Healy and Seman, p. A34). In the 1990s, Argentina experienced an end to years of hyperinflation and stagnation when the Argentine peso became stable after being pegged to the U.S. dollar and economic growth registered at a solid 8 percent annually (Healy and Seman, p. A34). Central to this stabilization was the “convertibility” factor, in which pesos and dollars became virtually interchangeable. However, over time, this (coupled with other fiscal, tax and

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