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Renaissance classicism and the Christian Church
How Renaissance architects applied the lessons of ancient architectural theory to reconfiguring ancient-era structures to meet the needs of both Christian faith and the undeniable grandeur of pagan classical construction and decoration
To appreciate how and why Renaissance church architecture representeda tension between emergent humanism and the persistence of religiousorthodox... more
5 pages | 19 sources | 31 citations | MLA citation style

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Why Study Architecture
This essay describes the reasons that I want to study architecture and the specific area of architecture that I plan to focus on.
There are a number of reasons that I want to study architecture Oneof them involves my interest in designing and building for... more
1 pages | MLA citation style

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Vernacular and Naive Architecture
This paper provides an analysis of vernacular and naïve architecture, a form of architecture that is structured on local resources, culture, climate and tastes and has existed since primitive man. The Arab permanent house and the Inuit igloo are used as two examples of this architecture in a comparison of structures.
Vernacular and Na ve Architecture Introduction Since the first hut dwellers built shelter from local materials innon-invasive environmental ways... more
8 pages | 8 sources | 20 citations | MLA citation style

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The Brooklyn Bridge Project
This paper discusses the Brooklyn Bridge project, emphasizing the challenges that the bridge's engineers had to overcome.
The Brooklyn Bridge Project Of the many notable th-century engineering projects the BrooklynBridge project is one of the most interesting Considering... more
6 pages | 5 sources | 36 citations | APA citation style

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Three Buildings
Discusses the architecture, composition, and function of three buildings: the Rookery, the Woolworth Building, and the Kluczynski Federal Building.
Examination of Three Urban Structures The Rookery is a Chicago Illinois high rise completed in bythe firm of Burnham and Root with a lobby remodeling... more
2 pages | 3 sources | 7 citations | MLA citation style

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Arthur Lubow’s article “The Triumph of Frank Lloyd Wright”
This paper provides an abstract of Arthur Lubow’s article “The Triumph of Frank Lloyd Wright,” originally published in Smithsonian magazine.
Article Abstract Lubow Arthur The Triumph of Frank Lloyd Wright Smithsonian June - This article examines the life and works of American architect... more
1 pages | 1 sources | 1 citations | MLA citation style

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If We Build It, They Will Come
This paper provides a discussion meant to coincide with the visual display of architectural works from ancient Greek, Roman and Islamic culture. How these cultures used such works to define themselves and reinforce their values and beliefs is the main focus.
If We Build It They Will Come Introduction Ancient Greek Roman and Islamic cultures created greatarchitectural works that have lasted to this day from... more
3 pages | 4 sources | 7 citations | MLA citation style

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A New Hotel on Grand Island
A new hotel on Grand Island NY is the perfect way to use our real eststae firm's stagnant cash and capitalize on Niagara Falls' recent tourist success.
A New Hotel on Grand Island OPM Real Estate Development has more than two decades of highlyprofitable commercial and residential real estate endeavors... more
7 pages | 3 sources | 1 citations | MLA citation style

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Theories of Architecture
Discusses three theories and philosophies of architecture: deconstructionism, postmodernism, and semiotics. Concludes that deconstructionism is the most appropriate and valid construct.
Towards a Viable Philosophy of Architecture in the st Century Introduction and Purpose In the third chapter of Materiality and Society Tim Dant... more
23 pages | 10 sources | 39 citations | APA citation style

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Hakka Architecture
This paper provides an in depth analysis of the architecture of the ancient Chinese Hakka culture that persists in contemporary times, dwellings known as tulou. How the tulou reflect the intense interface between culture and design is the focus of the analysis, including how form, function and materials of the tulou reflect the culture and lifestyle of the Hakka.
Hakka Architecture In his essay Design and Avant-postmodernism Francois Burkhardtargues that the relation between form function and material must... more
10 pages | 12 sources | 37 citations | MLA citation style

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