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Examines theories on the causes of alcoholism. Genetic or biological basis; differences in the way the body of an alcoholic processes alcohol compared to a normal person. Influence of familial behavior traits. Variations in alcohol response between women and men. Defines alcohol as an addictive drug.
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According to the World Health Organization, alcohol is a selectively addictive drug that affects approximately 10 percent of the population (What Causes, 2001). Alcoholism is the dependence on, or addiction to, alcohol, and it is a chronic, progressive and sometimes fatal disease (Kapi'Olani Health, 2001). Researchers have examined many possible contributing factors of alcoholism, but no one specific cause has been established.
Some people appear to have a genetic or biological tendency toward alcoholism (UMHS, 2001; What Causes, 2001). Scientists studied children of alcoholics who were raised in non-alcoholic environments (e.g. foster homes) and compared them to children from non-alcoholic families who were raised in alcoholic environments (What Causes, 2001). Results showed that genetics playe

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