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Advertisement Analysis
This paper discusses the Google ad in which a student consults Google for schools in Paris, meets a girl, consults Google for dating advice, and so on. The ad is considered in light of what countries it could and could not be shown in, what theory applies, and whether it would offend anyone.
Advertisement Analysis The Google ad about the male college student using Google to study inParis date a French girl and put together a crib could run... more
2 pages | 2 sources | 2 citations | MLA citation style

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Skyy Vodka Ad Analysis
This paper discusses visual rhetoric and subliminal messages, using a Skyy Vodka ad as an example and identifying the hidden messages in the ad.
Skyy Vodka Ad Analysis Skyy Vodka ads are noted for their rhetorical strategies andsubliminal messages Rhetoric is generally associated with words but... more
3 pages | 3 sources | 3 citations | MLA citation style

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Music Product Ads
This paper evaluates five music product ads from manufacturers SE, Alexis, LeBlanc, Martin & Co., and Ovation.
Music Product Ads Five different music product ads were evaluated for this assessment The first was an ad for LeBlanc clarinets that shows a sketch of... more
3 pages | 5 sources | 5 citations | MLA citation style

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Fast Food Advertising to Children
This paper examines the practice of marketing fast food and other junk food to children and addresses the issue of whether such advertising contributes to childhood obesity and disease and whether it should be banned.
Fast Food Advertising to Children America is a land of speed and convenience We microwave our food frequent fast food drive-thrus and communicate via... more
6 pages | 8 sources | 11 citations | MLA citation style

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Neutrogena Corporation
This paper offers an analysis of the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats of the Neutrogena Corporation with respect to its suncare line of products. The SWOT analysis adopts a marketing/advertising focus.
Neutrogena Corporation Neutrogena Corporation was an independent manufacturer and marketerof premium-priced skin and hair care products in over... more
2 pages | 4 sources | 6 citations | APA citation style

Price: $12.00

Taiwan Advertising
Considers the advertising industry in Taiwan.
Advertising in Taiwan Introduction Taiwan is one of the Asian tiger economies and boasts strongcapitalist traditions Advertising is a part of the... more
3 pages | 4 sources | 4 citations | APA citation style

Price: $32.00

Hong Kong Ad Campaign
Describes how Motorola is advertising its cell phones in Hong Kong.
Marketing Cell Phones A Hong Kong Ad Campaign Regardless of where a market might be located or the culture in whichit is positioned many companies... more
8 pages | 16 sources | 20 citations | APA citation style

Price: $20.00

An Anti-Smoking Ad
This paper is an analysis of an anti-smoking ad, examining the ad's visual impact and the larger meaning behind it.
An Anti-Smoking Ad In the anti-smoking ad an old woman appearing to be in her eightiesis lighting a cigarette from the flame on her birthday cake... more
5 pages | 1 sources | 1 citations | MLA citation style

Price: $32.00

The Culture of Advertising and Consumer Culture
Discusses the issue of advertising to youth in Hong Kong and the importance of age and targeting a specific audience.
Advertising to Teens and Youth in Hong Kong Advertising as a field of activity is very much based on therecognition of how various demographics about... more
8 pages | 16 sources | 18 citations | APA citation style

Price: $60.00

Imaging China
This paper provides an extended first person perspective related to the authors design thesis in fashion design and the media. How fashion design and the media are impacted by politics, culture, globalization and other forces are addressed in show how the author will put their design ethos into practice.
Imaging China I see fashion design as an art form John Dewey in Art IsExperience maintains that Art is a more universal mode of languagethan is the... more
15 pages | 17 sources | 22 citations | MLA citation style

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