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Summarizes possible causes of depression and teenage suicide. Risk factors identified by psychologists and clinicians. External contributors (gender, birth order, substnce abuse, social pressure, unstable families, conduct disorder). Internal contributors (hopelessness, coping skill deficits). Negative outcomes.; academic problems. Need to develop prevention tools. Paper contains many quotations.
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Depression has become a multi-million dollar industry. Mainstream daily life offers many stressful life events that are compounded by external stimuli such as the media. Too often, adolescents have received blame for acting out rather than receiving focus for reacting within. “The self is a multi-faceted dynamic entity that is involved in the construction of meaning, mediating and regulating emotions and motivating actions” (Orbach, Mikulincer, Stein, & Cohen, 1998, p. 435). With teenage suicide purported to be epidemic and rising, it is essential that the adolescent “self” be examined so preventive tools may be exacted and implemented. “Adolescent depression has also been shown to predict a variety of negative outcomes, including: academic problems, marital difficulties, delinquency,

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