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"The Rituals of American Hospital Birth"

This paper is concerned with the article, "The Rituals of American Hospital Birth," by Robbie E. Davis-Floyd. The article describes how the hospital birth process can be compared to a rite of passage, as found in anthropological studies of cultures around the world. Davis-Floyd argues that the birth process provides a way to transmit and reinforce societal values to the mother, which she later passes on to the child.
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The key argument in the article by Robbie E Davis-Floyd isthat American hospital births are symbolic rites of passage To support herargument Davis-Floyd uses evidence from interviews that she conducted with mothers and healthcare practitioners The data from the interview arecompared with the findings of anthropological studies regarding rites ofpassage in cultures and societies around the world According to Davis-Floyd hospital births serve the purposeof transmitting American society's deepest beliefs about science technology patriarchy and the institutions that control and disseminatethem This

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