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Critical review of work on Ottoman Empire & continuing biases of West.
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Andrew Wheatcroft's The Ottomans attempts to be two books in one--but he succeeds in only one of his books and the second has little to offer. The author says in his introduction that as he set out to write about the history of the Ottomans and their empire he discovered that his "original image of the Ottomans simply did not bear up under the weight of the evidence" (xxviii). Thus, he claims, he found himself writing a book about the image of the Ottomans and how it developed and changed over four centuries. The failure of the image of the Ottomans to match the reality has, Wheatcroft argues, often been the source of the ambiguous relations between modern Turkey and the West. Thus he chose to examine the development of this image of the Ottomans that predominated in Europe by the end of the nineteenth century and has continued well into the twentieth. Wheatcroft

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