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Discusses the 1955 comedy-drama. The film as an example of narrative filmmaking, and a product of the studio system. Analysis of elements of this type of conventional film such as the actors, the characters, importance of the lead character. What made the film a popular Hollywood classic. Its genres and style.
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The 1955 film Mister Roberts was a highly successful comedy-drama produced within the Hollywood studio system. As such, it is an excellent example of narrative filmmaking within specific prescriptive guidelines. Set during the last days of World War II, the movie was based on the smash Broadway hit of the same name, with several of the prominent stage people involved in the film. A large part of the films success was due to the outstanding performance of Henry Fonda in the title role, the role he created on Broadway. As this paper will discuss, in this type of conventional filmmaking, the characters and development of the lead character is of the upmost importance. Other elements of the film under consideration will be the historical viewpoint, what made the film a popular Hollywood classic, its genres, and the style of the film.

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